Skander's BIP-47 Payment Code in QR Format.

BIP-47 Payment Code: PM8TJWgKRb2NnN48wmid5KcTcdBbjNUaTSKsA7Yv3Sturnbi5MEE3VGF9Srk4dDKoQ5kNbA6bYCF1YkKZXFq1Z8wRGKerrZbCX2jGssCeR81mrhMknsr

You may use any wallet compatible with BIP-47 payment codes to send (and receive) BTC payments between us more privately.

A good example is sparrow wallet.
Recommendation: You may use payment codes without retrieving a paynym or interacting with any samourai-affiliated functionality.

Can't use Payment Codes for whatever reason? Here's an Address: bc1q2vpd6r8kj06xpmng459r74w6qy6ar243hq88xp

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